Large & Small Animal Stem Cells

We provide first rate services at RCS focusing on the providing the highest quality marrow-derived stem cells and client piece of mind. Using only a small amount of bone marrow, we are able to isolate and expand stem cells on large animals and small animals.

  • At RCS we can assist you with peer-to-peer consultations, case selections, rehabilitation protocols and clinical results
  • We are experienced in the latest marrow collection techniques and therefore we can offer on-site aspiration assistance if desired.
  • Safe long-term liquid nitrogen storage option is also available.
  • We provide milestone updates throughout the culture process, so you are always up to date.
  • Open on Saturdays for your convenience
  • Forget an appointment? We offer same day shipping. Any stem cell request received by 5:00 PM MST will be shipped out for next day delivery.

Bone marrow stem cells have been shown to be an effective therapeutic in Large Animal and Small Animal regenerative medicine for many years. At Regenerative Cell Specialists, we can provide you with safe, high quality bone marrow-derived stem cells numbering in the tens of millions from only a small amount of bone marrow aspirate (marrow volumes are species dependent)

For questions regarding services and pricing, please call us at 970-420-6431.